#ТоргНеУместен: in Kiev, a parking guard sold someone else’s car

#ТоргНеУместен: in Kiev, a parking guard sold someone else’s car


The guard of the parking lot in Troyeshchina sold a car for spare parts, which no one took for a long time. The man was imprisoned for three years for the crime.

In October last year, a resident of Kiev contacted the duty station of the Desnyanskiy police department and reported the loss of a BMW car from the parking lot on Honore de Balzac Street. Operatives began searching for the stolen car, the press service of the Kiev police reported.

During the pre-trial investigation, the police found out that the parking guard was involved in the crime. The man decided to take possession of someone else’s vehicle, since the owner did not come for him for a year. The car was sold online, and the new owner dismantled it for parts.

Police officers detained a 31-year-old resident of Kiev, who has an unserved sentence for drug possession. Investigators collected all the necessary evidence and informed the man about the suspicion.

The Desnyanskiy District Court of Kiev found the guard guilty of a criminal offense under Part 1 of Art. 289 (Illegal seizure of a vehicle) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The man was sentenced to three years in prison. In addition, the unserved part of the previous sentence was added to him on the basis of the cumulative sentences, so the total term of imprisonment increased by one month.

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