#ЧтоПочем: MINI JCW – from hate to …

#ЧтоПочем: MINI JCW – from hate to …


The MINI car brand is an extreme brand. Someone is madly in love with these “goggle-eyed muzzles”, and someone just turns back from the name alone. But to be honest, the concept of “extreme” MINI in the minds of people appeared due to the unusual design and stereotypes prevailing in our country.

If we ignore this and consider MINI exclusively from the technical side … Believe me, this brand with a brilliant sports history has something to boast about. And, perhaps, after such acquaintance, your next (or first) car will be one of these bright hatchbacks.

Whether MINI succeeded in achieving our position, you will find out from the new video in the “WhatWhy” format.

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