Электроцикл Tarform Luna

Электроцикл Tarform Luna


Classic design with futuristic elements.

Brooklyn-based startup Tarform has announced a new addition to its lineup. The Tarform Luna is inspired by cafe racers, while the previous version was scrambled.

Tarform Luna will be launched this year. The price tag will remain the same at $ 24,000. The new bike is sporty but technically identical to the Scrambler Edition.


  • 11 kWh lithium-ion batteries
  • 55 HP
  • weight 200 kg
  • sound generator (so the electric bike can simulate the sound of a motorcycle)
  • range of 190 km in the city or up to 95 km on the highway
  • 180 degree rear camera
  • 3.4kW charger
  • regenerative braking
  • Bluetooth
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