$1 Million McLaren Senna Driven Into the Living Room

$1 Million McLaren Senna Driven Into the Living Room


I’m in Houston Texas, where I meet with Nick the owner this incredible $1 million McLaren Senna – @bodyprosauto. The crazy part of this is that he can drive his Senna straight into the living room, where he usually keeps it!Follow me on:Music by Lucid – Flow

this is the first time I walked into a house and car is in the linear Mick is the owner of this incredible Center and has welcomed us into his home here in Houston thank you them so did you design the house the entire house in one of the features what’s this driving it yeah of course I mean basically what happened I mean this was an older house that we bought and then you know there were we had I designed it in a way where you know I could from the driveway all the way into the doors where you can drive in but it takes a little bit of maneuvering you get into shock because I usually leave two cars in here yeah and I usually have to come in driving into the kitchen one one in the kitchen and then bring in the other ones if you would have came here last night he had found there was a purple horse sitting right here and the McLaren was pulled in in there because it was raining so this one has a special carpet yeah well yeah yeah I’ll pull the rugs away and then and then I I’ll do the maneuver it’s courtesy I’ve never seen this before this is really cool I’d be the ultimate hood not creating a house and a whole room just for your car a million dollars in the living room so she’s his wife crying yeah mrs. K and sucker yeah the the family so whose idea was it originally it was yeah and you said not sure about that well I resisted for ten years and then when we were building it so he made accommodations he resisted for ten years well it was a different house okay and I didn’t want to go through the process of right so I knew founders down yeah and then you could make sure that you bother with us over our got the door so you can bring it in so it make how did you come on idea well driving straight into your living plants a child won’t dream always yeah yeah and I always wanted to do that where did you see that first well the first time I’ve seen this was back home in the Middle East where are you from I am from I’m Armenian from Baghdad Iraq okay I had an like an aunt’s husband he used to do this all the time I had a little English [ __ ] so yeah remember that car yeah they lived in a very small neighborhood and the guy’s built like big gigantic Dwarfs and I remember what I used to go to my aunt’s house all the time yeah he would come in from work and he would pull up and he would stop right at the couch and get up and close his doors you don’t want people messing that you just drop on the couch oh yeah yeah and I got a couch like two meters away from yeah this house was a little bit bigger I can’t maneuver it around a little bit yeah so you see I was just I literally had an offer of do squeeze it and maybe your son will do the same are you gonna do the same with you oh definitely if my wife lets me I guess it’s up to her right and how did you come up with the color scheme well the color scheme you know I’m a very favorite fan about the golf colors yeah okay yes and then what happened is when I went to order the car and I took the samples from my I have a Ford GT in the golf colors and they wanted to e to get an okay from Gulf oil and and have the time and I don’t know how so Balearic blue was my backup color oh I see okay so it’s not yeah it’s not specifically the golfers yeah and then I did add the orange stripes to it so I gave it that I think it looks fantastic you might notice here and that is because in America you not allowed the Tripoli these axes an airbrake so this is one of the quickest stopping time in the world so when when you go to slam on the brakes this whole week goes up like this so like it’s a flap that helps you stop weak and unusual so it’s like when you’re landing a plane you know the flaps that come up on the wing next to the plane that’s exactly what this does it comes up to slow you down faster these ones here they also act as an air brake they’ll move as well according to how quickly you want to stop so they’ll go up and down if you look at the colors of the house okay the doors a lot of the trim and this is the color of McLaren chicane great so this is all chicane gray McLaren color that was provided to me thing McLaren oh really yeah so you asked them actually I want to paint my house in this specific color can you give me the break yeah because I have a she came great McLaren in the garage of also so you wanted to match your house yeah yeah those were my very that’s crazy I’ve never heard of anyone that I’m using McLaren paint on their house yeah and what did they say when you asked them fire they were very happy yeah I think you should just have a McLaren sign on the phone if the neighborhood let me I think I will yeah why are you such a McClaren phone I think you know I think they do put out a fantastic product out there and I’ve driven all kinds of cars and I’ve seen the product they put out there and to be honest with you if this car was a la Ferrari or a chance inari or anything like that or or a Pagani yeah that this price would have been true beast car what options did you get all the carbon fiber yeah it is you know the glass fiber carbon fiber loves company but and the colour of course it’s also is an option okay yes and also what what does a common standard standard like right here okay how about expose car expose expose its its standard yes but yeah it’s not shining I ordered that in full carbon is usually blue than old like black black black okay yeah there’s lots of nice carbon-fiber do the real cap have to can you always select your brake caliper yes you could yes there’s all kinds up near there’s green there’s food there’s red tire water and also this seats the detailing here is just wrong so this it would be like black yeah an old forced the center logo here so that’s an extra is that so yeah they come in owning three colors black red and silver so if you see right here is black yeah and this this money goes directly to the Center Foundation like a $5,000 auctioneer and a $5,000 on that one retreated to as deserves about a $10,000 watch just for some stitching ah yes I know through the Senate foundation so this is an option isn’t it yes is an option yeah how expensive is this option about ten thousand dollars but also when you get this option they make those into two different and lasses you know there’s the one that is very durable which is it’s this one the gorilla gorilla glass yeah yeah and so I suppose you’ve got some pretty sexy pins to show off or experiencing this together so all of the the start/stop buttons it’s up here instead of being down here usually I heard that’s because of the extra glass panel down here mmm they had to kind of move some buttons around so they’ve now had to put them on the roof to make all of that work you have to wear parents in this gun everyone’s gonna see if you drive around in your underwear I do them down on the left hand side on the world going I was reading where he was about myself it’s really weird no that’s good that was just saying girls in skirts hungrily Dreyfus corn he was out this clear side panels haha that’s yes yeah yeah these cars are really really not friendly if you’re gonna take them out make sure what your wife is wearing pants otherwise the valet guy will enjoy the view and for all the English viewers pants means but me not a knickers no trousers ultra C in England they call pants [Laughter] and I’d literally that much clearance that’s great just trying to get in center mode otherwise it’s got limit 20 up here that needs to change to center needs to say Center otherwise you’re limited to 20 miles an hour so we have to pull this thing forward there’s a little lever down here that you need to pull forward at some point to turn it into center mode and at the moment it’s not happening so let’s see how we go so you got to fall in the speciali yeah dan the life man first time driving it actually it’s Tommy let’s he drive but he just got only two car three days brain does awesome it looks brand-new yeah I guess it is I don’t know five hundred miles on the things miss Brenda that’s me yeah triggered a gt3 and some money for ya I don’t know it’s suddenly missing me 220 miles an hour and I’ve got a Prius passing I don’t know driving it’s a no it doesn’t feel right the amount of travel this car collects is quite amazing it’s got the PPF code on it so that it’s not actually scratching the paint work which is good I mean you have to do it with Karzai is there a lot of I can’t even see I can’t see is there a lot of gravel in there well I can hear it I can hear it as I’m driving around little pebbles being collected on the side of the car this is the first car that doesn’t have a bigger window except the Japanese roach yeah just gonna open the door here these / and then before I was like well how do you even get this door down on a Lamborghini there’s a well on the Aventador because it’s quite a heavy door there’s a fabric handle that hangs down off the door so you can pull that but I was looking at this before and you can’t do it up here there’s nowhere to grab onto and then from in here in the middle of the door and it’s got soft door closed of course so you don’t have to close it too hard you just close it and then it automatically closes the rest of the way you know I don’t think you see too many of these or you don’t see too many of these anywhere it’s easier but push okay that’s it guys hope you enjoyed my little drive of the center here in Houston Texas massive thanks to Nick thank you very much you’re welcome I hope you enjoyed the car yes we did we loved it you want another give this video a quick like hit that thumbs up button for me right now click it do it do it do it thank you very very much for watching please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already we’ve got so much more coming love you I’m out thanks Nick

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