100 evacuated car in 10 days: the result of the work of the inspectors by Parking in Kiev

100 evacuated car in 10 days: the result of the work of the inspectors by Parking in Kiev

In Kiev, the ongoing evacuation of cars parked in lanes and substantially prevent the passage of public transport. Over 10 days of active work of the inspectors by Parking in the garage was sent to 100 cars.

How many cars were already evakuirovali

The inspectors in the Parking lot who took to the streets of Kiev, not only can fine for wrong Parking, and to evacuate the cars. What they are actively doing for the past 10 days. Just on a shtrafploshchadka of the capital during this period were evacuated 100 cars, reports “Center of traffic organization of Kiev.”

According to public utilities, towed car could be much more if the impound lot was not far from the city centre. However, they are located far away from it, so the evacuation of one car takes about 2.5 hours. All in all, a service is 10 tow trucks and the RAID go 5-8 units.

“Would significantly improve the situation increasing the cost of evacuation, because it has not changed since 2013. Also enter the compensation for the time and resources that were spent on the supply of equipment, if the driver has removed the offense in a short time. At the moment, in this case, the police is limited only to the penalty for violation of Parking rules”, – said in the service.

How to pick up your car from an impound lot and how much it costs

Leave the car in the wrong place is easy, but take it from an impound lot is not easy. First you need to go to the street people’s Militia, 9 and to obtain a copy of the act of evacuation and the administrative Protocol on violation of traffic rules. These documents go to the street of Dovnar-Zapolsky, 8 and pay for towing services and storage of the car on a shtrafploshchadka. Only then can you go on the street Khotkevych, 20 B and pick up your vehicle upon presentation of all receipts.

The price tag will be pretty substantial: a fine of 510 hryvnia, tow – 720 UAH (depends on the size and weight of the car), the garage – 576 UAH for two days (giving the car the next day). So Parking on the lane for public transport will cost at least 1806 hryvnias.

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