100 km/h: the fastest PC

100 km/h: the fastest PC


Sega introduced a personal computer in Japan that can accelerate to a serious speed of 100 km / h. They didn’t even try to disguise the radio-controlled landing gear with a computer on board as some kind of car.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to PC Watch.

The Japanese company called its unusual project the fastest personal computer in the world. It was developed in close collaboration with Intel and ASRock. The model was tested at one of the Japanese racing circuits.

The chassis carries a case with an Intel Core i9-12900K processor, a Radeon RX6900 graphics card, a 32 gigabyte RAM card and a two terabyte SSD drive. A computer in a simple rectangular case was hoisted on a radio-controlled chassis.

The cart has a spring suspension and rubber bumpers, which are supposed to soften the contact of the machine with a valuable load. The raffle of an unusual computer took place on January 5 in Japan between buyers of the online gaming store Sega.

We previously reported that Mazda will equip its vehicles with a drone landing pad. The drone can be launched from a miniature helipad mounted on the rear window.

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