1000 km on a single charge: new GAC Aion LX electric crossover

1000 km on a single charge: new GAC Aion LX electric crossover


The GAC Aion LX crossover will go on sale from early 2022. The electric car will be offered in three versions.

The new GAC Aion LX will be presented at the Guangzhou Motor Show. The electric crossover will go on sale in 2022 and will be very affordable – even the top version was estimated at 45 thousand dollars. At the same time, its power reserve is greater than that of any other electric car in the world. Reported by Autoevolution.

The Chinese electric car GAC Aion LX in the most “long-range” Plus version travels 1008 km without recharging – neither Tesla nor even the new Lucid Air are capable of this. We achieved this result due to a huge battery with a capacity of 144.4 kWh.

The GAC decided to prove in practice that the characteristics of an electric car are not sucked from the finger. In China, public tests of the crossover were held and it drove over 900 km on a single charge with the air conditioner on.

More affordable versions of the model will also be offered:

  • with 70 kWh battery (range – 503 km)
  • with 93 kWh battery (range – 650 km)

To fit the larger battery, the Plus variant had to be lengthened by 5 cm compared to the standard GAC Aion LX – up to 4.84 m. The mass of the electric car has grown from 2180 to an impressive 2720 kg.

The electric crossover GAC Aion LX is equipped with two motors with a total capacity of 408 liters. with. and accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds. The equipment of the model includes leather and Alcantara interior trim, virtual instrument panel, power seats, all-round cameras, panoramic roof and semi-autonomous driving system.

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