100,000 Genesis sedans have come under review


Hyundai has recalled 94,646 of its sedans, including the 2015-2016 Genesis G70 and the 2017-2020 Genesis G80.

The Koreans have launched a large-scale recall campaign due to the danger of a short circuit in the ABS module, which could lead to a fire. At the same time, the automaker notes that it does not know about any cases of accidents in connection with the problem. To date, there have been two reported vehicle fires associated with this defect in the United States and none elsewhere.

Hyundai will begin notifying owners of the recall in early May. In the meantime, the automaker recommends that you park your cars on the street and away from buildings.

It is noted that a fire can start both while the sedans are parked and while driving. Hyundai is currently investigating the cause of the short circuit in the ABS module. According to NHTSA filings, owners can see or smell smoke, and can also see the check engine or battery light come on before the fire starts. It is planned to replace the ABS fuse box in the vehicles.

Hyundai and its corporate brother KIA have recalled a number of vehicles due to fire hazards over the past few years. Since 2015, KIA and Hyundai have recalled six million vehicles due to fire hazards or engine failure. Back in 2019, NHTSA launched an investigation into Hyundai / KIA and their three million vehicles for fire risk. The agency concluded that the Korean brands were acting too slowly, fining them $ 210 million in addition to the forced recall of the damaged vehicles.

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