$100,000 per color: 911 you haven’t seen

$100,000 per color: 911 you haven’t seen


Urban Bamboo Chromaflair Kohler can change the color of the car.

Porsche Exchange dealership in Highland Park, Illinois has released pictures of the 911 Turbo S Coupe in the special Urban Bamboo Chromaflair color. Representatives of the brand said that this is the most expensive car of those that they had to sell. The buyer paid $ 364,170 for a sports car in a unique color.

The base Porsche 911 Turbo S is asking for $ 203,500, but the model for sale was equipped with additional options for about $ 60,000 and painted in the unique Urban Bamboo Chromaflair color from the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur division. The atelier offers three levels of personalization and Chromaflair is at the top of the hierarchy as part of the so-called CXX program. This also includes exclusive equipment options, which must be checked separately.

In total, the client paid $ 98,870 for the unique paint job. Exclusive Manufaktur added Chromaflair pigment to the Urban Bamboo color scheme, which is a multilayer thick film with “scales” that change color depending on the light and viewing angle. The individual “flake” is approximately one micrometer thick and consists of an aluminum core and an outer layer of vitreous magnesium fluoride and translucent chromium. The high cost of this paint is due to the fact that the color depends on the refractive properties of the “flakes”, so their size must be kept accurate to a few atoms.

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