12 Hour Supercar Rally | Malibu to Pebble Beach

12 Hour Supercar Rally | Malibu to Pebble Beach


I’m joining the Sunset GT Supercar Rally from Malibu to Pebble Beach in the new Lamborghini Performante. At Pebble Beach we visit Rimac and join my friends from Garage Goals at their beautiful mansion.Follow us on:

what type it’s typical indeed we’ve got an amazing day planned I’m actually heading out with all of these going on a 12-hour trip today up to Pebble Beach in California we’re going on the sunset GT rally big big thanks to Lamborghini Beverly Hills in Agoura coach who have given me the perfect we can’t fit our bags but we’re going up there for like four days so we’ve got a rolls trailing behind we’ve packed up all our luggage in the back I mean this agent is in style this is just crazy you know you bring a rolls along just for the luggage traveling with Alex has always been very difficult all the luggage so I’m pretty cool well luckily even the peripheral Monte has a boot and have some space are we gonna see whether we can at least fit some of that in there yeah I think I think we can do it definitely moment of truth this is how I always pictured it well I’ve seen it in the movies so can’t go too far wrong look at this we’re right on the beach so amazing hearing the waves fresh on the show it’s nearly as good as the sound of a Lamborghini revving are you gonna escort us thank you how do we talk back isn’t this one car number four in number four make wear it make room for car number four did he make you move out the way just do things dog you know actually goalie look it can be a super got run without a gold Aventador right on the rally I’m gonna OD on car look at all this there’s like 50 million dollars or the cars roll on them my laptop is here yeah 43 coming look at this the police have stopped sir the traffic cameras on both sides thank you I love these drives together there’s just something that comes out at you just some adrenaline that keeps pumping the entire time that we’ve got a crew following us on this trip we got some big things coming nice things you always you’re chill chill my god I’m not used to corners in Dubai this is scary there I got it Wow so the difference between this perform on Tay and the standard Huracan the 610 4 is this one’s about 40 kilos lighter and it’s also up the horsepower so 30 more horsepower and 40 kilos lighter so you can really really feel that difference the other thing that they’ve really worked on is the active Aero so if you look at the wing at the back you’ve actually got an air intake coming into the wing and out of the wing on the underside so that when you’re taking corners it increases the downforce so the car is actually controlling the downforce by pushing air through this side of the wing or this side of the wing just depending on which corner you’re taking it’s actually got seven times more downforce than the hurricane six and four one of the cars just might need to I said the Corvette yeah a year at lunch we’re having a stopover oh you already have one yeah are you getting me one we got to go go we have spotted a Ford GT with the dragon nose at the back beautiful car absolutely yes exactly yeah you didn’t drive from Texas did you oh well okay yeah best way to do it Monty into the world all right it comes it comes to stand when you get a role to get a compliment right yes nice when they said it wait you get a shuttle to the house I thought you know a shuttle yeah this is not a typical shuttle guys here we are this is the first event as soon as we pull up it is now 6:00 p.m. we’re heading straight to the first event with remark is their condo tuned this is the car we started in Geneva Motor Show first of all there’s now there’s a second time I see it wow the vents are done we’re just gonna pop it open and celebrate so you’ve completely redesigned the trunk so you can see exactly champagne bottles yep that’s your kind of car hello right when Tesla said they’ve got their new roads too coming out yeah this is faster then they predict the roads to be a predictive 1.9 I think and this is one point eight foot one point eight five seconds guys insane a look at a power 1914 horsepower and what look at a top speed this is really amazing are you going to test it now right yeah yeah we’re gonna push it down the hill single charge 650 kilometers the doors open with facial recognition technology right so you’ve got this camera here no emergency had too much plastic surgery like you come out of the office you got Botox on like negative ads we have just dropped off the purple monta and we’ve stopped the car for the Maserati Levante the reason why we have this car is because we’re here for the next few days and we have lots of luggage so this is the perfect car for it our mates have rented this mansion in Pebble Beach and they’re waiting there for us now and we’re just about to pull up so I cannot wait to see it they say it’s so amazing they say here every every year and this is the first year we’re joining I think the first 4×4 Lam wow I’ve never seen that before we’re driving into the sunset we’re driving up to the waterside left oh my god I think that’s it I think that’s it that massive one right there oh my god oh my God look at this holy Sh yo what’s up that is in oh it’s apple juice hahaha oh yeah I know the coat there’s a quote somewhere oh yeah you gave us the code you gotta press the coming look look at his forehead a and this tuned f12 the Scott one of the most horse powers of any f12 there is Wow play it cool you’ve seen all of these before nothing special Coco doesn’t have his face mask on so he can’t show it garage dolls this is how they roll hello wait do I guess like a little goodie bag that bottles all over the place that’s it thank you so so much for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed a please like the video and subscribe to my channel for some awesome awesome stuff coming this week love you she cried

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