$13.000 for one Kliq: new state employees from Skoda

$13.000 for one Kliq: new state employees from Skoda


Our database of the Ministry of industry and trade of India can be found a patent on a trade name Kliq. According to experts, is exactly what the Czechs decided to call the new compact crossover, which debuted in the image of the concept in the early 2020. That this assumption may be true, and indicates the feature of naming the company Skoda. If the same Volkswagen the names of all the crossovers start in letter “T”, then the Skoda requirements even stricter: “K” at the beginning and “Q” at the end. For example, Karoq, Kodiaq or Kamiq. New Kliq meets the current requirements.

The second weighty argument in favor of this assumption – the name talks about the new concept SUV – the digitalization.


The basis for the new items will serve as a modular platform MQB, specifically its inexpensive variation of A0. Such a “trolley”, by the way, is based Volkswagen Nivus. Work on Skoda Kliq is in India. In the same country will launch production of the new crossover. The model will export, but the priority for the regional car market yet is not called.

In motor line Kliq manufacturer has included two petrol TSI – liter 110-horsepower and a-liter 150 HP “Younger” combined with 6МКПП or 6АКПП, and “senior” – with a 7-speed “robot”. Full CD-the cross is not laid. Sales of Skoda Kliq is scheduled for mid-2021-th. Prices for a novelty in the range of 10-12 lakhs (13 200-15 $ 800).

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