14 days tim, hto oberigaje us 365 days on the river. Uklon and “Turn Alive” is a cost for the army.


Until the Day of the People of Ukraine, the online service to the Uklon car wiki and the “Turn We Live” charity fund will conduct a social campaign on the occasion of Ukrainian visitors.

“14 days for workers” is a great communal project for the collection of households at the mobile complexes for the Ukrainian citizens, who seize our independence this year.

From the 1st to the 14th zhovtnya kozheny bazhayuchy can be learned more and get to the action through the “Novini” distribution at the supplement Uklon. Also for the whole period of the online service we have expanded the QR codes for the project in their cars from Dnipri, Kiev, Lvov, Odessa and Kharkov. At the same time with Uklon, I plan to tell all my koristuvach about such a possibility without the middle on the Day of Ukraine’s Owner.

“We at Uklon clearly design our Ukrainian identity, and we can’t get too bogged down to what is important to us. In 2014, at the moment, if everything was going smoothly, we didn’t have the best option, surrounded by resources for the Ukrainian army. Donin ‘s shoroku spіvpratsyuєmo from the charity foundation “Turn around, live” and do not pick up the change vector, leave the land for a confrontation ”

In addition, the 14th day of the service is pre-arranged to organize a day of cashless delivery for veteran businesses.

From his side, the director of the charity fund “Turn around alive” Taras Chmut is out of touch, that the land is strong and the army is competent: Navchaєmo vіyskovyh sniping, accurate shooting from critical positions, minnіy safety, methods of stopping UAVs. Tse bulo would be ill-advised without socially promising business, which will be welcomed and given good fortune, and will be able to do so.

You can help with your extravagance here: https:14days.savelife.in.ua

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