185 activists were arrested at the Brussels motor show


On Saturday, January 18, at the Brussels motor show was held a rally of activists under the name “Show of Lies” (The Lies Show). Its main promise was the prosecution of automobile companies to increase emissions of CO2, and constant lies to the people. Police arrested 185 people.

The Belgian branch of the organization “Uprising against Extinction” (Extinction Rebellion) argues that the need “to correct the false image that the industry paints itself.” The statement also mentioned that “the action is aimed at condemning the repeated lies of the brands with which they increase their sales at the expense of the environment, human health and social justice.”

The activists unfurled a banner saying “Stop CO2” on the main entrance to the dealership (no luck Skoda Kamik, a picture which served as a place for a banner). Others acted inside the stands. Several people handcuffed themselves to the wheels of the cars, were those who drew on auto paint the color of blood. Near the stand of Shell company, the activists standing with posters “Shell kills” (Shell kills), others put on masks with the logo of this brand, in addition, visitors are handed out leaflets.

Police arrested the protesters for some time, the security service of the interior has blocked access to the venue. Large group of activists also staged a “dying” near the main entrance to the cabin, blocking the entrance. About 150 people were taken away by the police.

“We don’t want to continue to stay under pressure in the automotive industry. You need to look for alternative forms of mobility that are more socially and environmentally fair,” says a spokeswoman for the Extinction of the Rebellion.

The protest took place just days after the European Commission presented the idea of funding a global project “Green contract”. This project involves the transformation of Europe into the first CO2-neutral zone (up to 2050), not only by cutting emissions but by encouraging business investment and creating new jobs (that is, that the transition was simply the best).

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