2 years is not a sentence: a new engine for the Ford Explorer

2 years is not a sentence: a new engine for the Ford Explorer


Ford introduced in the Chinese market Explorer the new generation. The production model will do JV Changan Ford, and modifications for the United States and Europe, the crossover will be with different design of the front end and engine range – there will be two-liter “four”.

Externally, the main difference between Chinese Ford Explorer SUV for the United States – a different grille and bumpers. In the cabin installed a new multimedia system with 12.8-inch vertical display instead of 10.1-inch tablet. The screen made control of all major functions, so the physical buttons – at least.

According to local media, the underlying engine of the “Internet Explorer” will be two-liter “turboservice” EcoBoost that develops approximately 220 HP. In addition, the range is the 2.3 turbo engine, which is 304 forces, as in the US, gives 276.


All crossovers in China will be offered only with four-wheel drive transmission and desyatietazhki machine. Sales will begin in June.

In Europe, the new Explorer got charged from the mains in a hybrid modification. The power plant of such machines consists of a 3.0-liter engine producing 350 horsepower and 100-horsepower electric motor, lithium-ion traction batteries by 13.1 per kilowatt-hour, and destigmatizing machine. The total output of 450 forces and 840 Nm of torque. The average fuel consumption of the hybrid Explorer is 3.4 liters per hundred kilometers and emissions of harmful substances – 78 grams per kilometer. The supply of the electric range is 40 miles.

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