20-year-old Renault copes with the “moose test” better than many modern cars (video)

20-year-old Renault copes with the “moose test” better than many modern cars (video)


The journalists of the Spanish edition km77.com conducted an unusual “moose test”, the protagonist of which was the 2001 Renault Avantime. Despite its considerable age and 250,000 kilometers of mileage, the three-door minivan showed excellent handling during sudden changes of lanes. Upon completion of the tests, experts noted that the 20-year-old model coped with the task better than many modern cars.

20-year-old Renault Avantime with a mileage of 250,000 kilometers came to the elk test on old tires. In addition, according to the owner, the car’s suspension has not been repaired or improved in the last 40,000 kilometers. The minivan completed the first attempt at a speed of 69 kilometers per hour excellently. At a speed of 71 kilometers per hour, the car barely touched the last cone, but still successfully completed the maneuvers.

Changes at a speed of 73 kilometers per hour have already been given to Avantime with great difficulty. As a result of the passage of the corridor, the car was hit by one cone. The model was no longer able to complete the race at a speed of 75 kilometers per hour. The minivan began to chatter in different directions, as a result of which the car flew off the track. According to the test results, experts noted that modern technologies and numerous electronic assistants cannot always help with unexpected obstacles. Sometimes time-tested technologies can at least cope with an emergency situation as well as possible.

Another model that amazed the experts when performing the “moose test” was the Tesla Model Y. The electric crossover was able to “cleanly” perform sharp changes at a speed of 83 kilometers per hour.

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