$200 garbage car (video)

$200 garbage car (video)


Travel blogger drew Binski recently shared a story on his YouTube channel about a Ghanaian teenager named Calvin who built a car out of what was found in a nearby landfill.

Calvin’s parents said that the boy always liked to Tinker with various pieces of iron-although as a child he built toy planes and helicopters from improvised materials. And the parents of a teenager are simply afraid of the car developed by him: for the first time, Calvin took a ride on his own creation in secret from his mother.

It took the teenager about three years to build the car. It is based on a tubular frame, the suspension is assembled from elements from old motorcycles, the motor is also from a bike. As a” lining ” of the body, panels from old containers were used, at the same time, Kelvin’s car has doors in the style of “gull wing” and even an impressive wing.

The designer of the original transport was still forced to purchase some parts. Kelvin, as he noted, bought spare parts from time to time and a little, for this reason, he can not name the exact amount of money that was spent on the car. However, according to estimates, it took him less than $ 200.

In addition, some time ago, Daihatsu prototypes were declassified for the Tokyo motor show, which will be held online due to the coronavirus pandemic. It should be emphasized that the basis for the prototypes were key cars, which are currently produced by the company.

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