2000 km without recharging! New battery for electoral

2000 km without recharging! New battery for electoral


The density of energy storage in such batteries exceeds the standards of lithium-ion current sources are five to eight times that in the future will allow to create electric cars traveling on a single charge of two thousand kilometers.

Lithium-sulfur battery is a current source which contain sulfur and carbon cathode separated from the electrolyte by a special membrane. One of the main disadvantages of such batteries, until recently, was the formation in the process of polysulfides of lithium dissolving into the electrolyte, they negatively affect the overall characteristics of the battery. In Brighsun found the ability to prevent the formation of polysulfide sulfur at the cathode and effectively suppress dendritic lithium growth on the anode.


According to preliminary calculations, the density of energy storage in the test samples is one thousand watt-hours per kilogram. Independent studies have shown that the battery Brighsun retains 91 percent of its original capacity after 1700 charge cycles with a current of 2C (full charge/discharge for 30 minutes), and 74% after 1000 cycles at a current of 5C (full charge/discharge for 12.5 minutes). After activation of the cathode current 1S density energy storage in rechargeable battery – 2103,8 watt-hours per kilogram.

Last year the staff of the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois has shown the first working prototype lithium-dioxide of carbon of the battery. They changed the composition of the electrolyte to dimethyl sulfoxide, which is a good conductor of ions, added nancekuke molybdenum disulfide and launched reversible electrochemical cycle, completely neutralizing CO2 influencing the number of charge cycles. The density of the energy storage of the battery is 1876 watt-hours per kilogram of mass that is seven times more than it can offer today’s lithium-ion batteries.

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