20,000 Tesla crossovers are sent for repair

20,000 Tesla crossovers are sent for repair


Tesla has announced a massive recall campaign that will target 21,559 Model Y electric crossovers assembled in China between February 4 and October 30, 2021. Experts say the reason for the recall is problems associated with the strength of the front and rear steering knuckles, which do not meet the design requirements of the automaker. This suspension element may break during operation.

According to representatives of the company, the steering knuckles can not withstand the loads during operation, deform and even break right during the movement of electric vehicles. In addition, the suspension rod may fall out of the steering knuckle during heavy loading. Such a malfunction can significantly affect the control of an electric vehicle, as well as provoke a serious accident.

21 559 Model Y will be sent to service centers, which rolled off the assembly line between February 4 and October 30, 2021. Tesla’s China dealership will replace the front and rear knuckles free of charge, as well as repair any electric crossover components that do not comply with the brand’s technical regulations.

In early November, Tesla announced a recall of nearly 2,800 Model 3 sedans and Model Y crossovers due to suspension problems. Then the reason for the recall was a faulty lateral rod of the front left wheel.

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