20,000,000 all-wheel-drive Subaru

20,000,000 all-wheel-drive Subaru


Subaru celebrates production of its 20 millionth all-wheel drive vehicle. A milestone reached 49 years after the launch of the first 4-wheel drive model.

Today, Subaru is strongly associated with all-wheel drive, but this was not always the case. The company began producing cars in 1953, but it was only in 1972 that the first four-wheel drive car rolled off the assembly line, specifies the drom.ru portal. It was a Subaru Leone 4WD Estate Van. In 1975, they began to supply it to the largest market in the world – in the United States. The Leone 4WD used permanent front-wheel drive and a manual rear axle. Later, the company will move to the permanent full, and then symmetrical, which will become the hallmark of the Japanese brand.

Currently, all-wheel drive vehicles account for 98% of the company’s global sales. Subaru is combining its AWD system with another iconic feature – the boxer engines. This combination provides a low center of gravity and near-ideal axle weight distribution for improved handling.

In May 2021, Subaru introduced the Wilderness sub-brand, under which it is planned to produce cars with increased ground clearance, modified suspension, all-terrain tires and other off-road adaptations. The firstborn of the series is the Outback Wilderness wagon.

All-wheel drive will continue to evolve with the introduction of all-electric Subaru models. In 2022, sales of the Solterra electric car will begin, the company has already disclosed some of its details. It will also receive four driving wheels.

Today, the only exception to the rule is the Subaru BRZ sports car, which has rear-wheel drive and is not offered in the 4WD version at all.

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