2020 Curtiss electric Zeus get the battery in the style of the V8 engine

2020 Curtiss electric Zeus get the battery in the style of the V8 engine

Curtiss introduced a prototype electric motorcycle Zeus 2020 with electric propulsion, which powers the battery of the original design. It is a cylindrical eight blocks, placed at an angle to each other, as the cylinders in the V8 engine.

According to the designer of the Curtiss Jordan Cornille, this decision is not only a reference to the powerful eight-cylinder engine, but also allows you to achieve maximum cooling efficiency of the battery.

“We didn’t have to compromise between form and functionality,” he said.

The motorcycle’s frame is welded by hand and is a titanium tubular frame and wheels made of carbon fiber. The impact of the power plant Zeus is 16.8 kilowatt-hours, which is significantly more than the other elektronikov.

Production of motorcycles will be launched in 2020. According to preliminary estimates, the cost model will be $ 75 thousand, which is very expensive – for the price, for example, you can purchase two copies of electric bike Harley Davidson LiveWire, and “the surrender” – Lightning Strike, which can accelerate to 241 km / h.

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Last year a similar method with electric propulsion and V8 cranked the Americans from tuning Studio Icon. They have established Mercury Coupe 1949 motor from Tesla, which was disguised as an eight-cylinder internal combustion engine.

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