2020 is the year of Tesla!

2020 is the year of Tesla!


The company produced 509 thousand and sold 499.5 thousand cars

Tesla has almost achieved its incredible goal of selling 500,000 electric vehicles in 2020. In total, up to January 1, 499,550 paid cars were delivered directly to customers, and 509,737 electric vehicles were produced.

Moreover, if the company gives a guarantee for the number of cars produced, then the sales figures may still change by about 0.5%, so the goal of half a million cars sold after accurate calculations may be achieved.

The fourth quarter was a record, when the company was able to sell 180 thousand electric vehicles. This is about the same amount as was sold during the entire first half of the year, which was most affected by the coronavirus crisis. In the third quarter, approximately 140,000 cars were sold, which was still considered a record figure.

The goal to sell half a million cars to Tesla was set by Elon Musk at the beginning of 2020. Because of the pandemic, almost no one believed in the possibility of achieving this indicator. Musk himself, commenting on the results of 2020, admitted::

“At the very beginning, I thought there was only a 10% chance that we wouldn’t go broke at all.”

We also recommend that you watch a detailed test drive of the Tesla Model 3 from the FineAuto team:

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