2020 results: European car market

2020 results: European car market


The main reason was the limitations associated with the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Analysts summed up the first results of sales of new cars in Europe for 2020. The previous year was one of the worst for the automotive industry of all time. The drop in sales exceeded 30% in relation to the results of 2019, and in some countries historical anti-records were updated.

It should be noted that even before the beginning of 2020, experts agreed that there would be some decline in sales in any case. However, the coronavirus epidemic has hit the industry very hard.

The worst sales dynamics was demonstrated by the Spanish car market – “minus” 32%. In the UK, sales declined 29%, the lowest level since the Second world war.

We also note a strong decline in the French car market – the demand for new cars in 2020 decreased immediately by 25.5%.

A rather serious decline in sales volumes was recorded in Germany and Italy. At the same time, experts do not believe in a sharp increase in sales in 2021 – the situation may return to normal only by the second half of the year.

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