$24 million per room! And no, it’s not in the Emirates.

$24 million per room! And no, it’s not in the Emirates.


On the cryptocurrency online platform OpenSea, the California state number was put up for sale. The lot price has already exceeded 24 million 600 thousand dollars. There are only two symbols on the number – the letters “MM”.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with a link to OpenSea.

There are over 35 million registered license plates in California today. The rarest and most valuable are number plates with two symbols, in special honor – repeating symbols. If the auction takes place, the number “MM” will become the most expensive in automotive history.

Now this number is installed on the McLaren 765 LT supercar, which costs negligible compared to the number plate itself. The price of such a car is about 360 thousand dollars.

A happy customer, in addition to the number plate itself, will also receive a unique NFT token. The ID-number of the token and the individual QR-code are laser-engraved on the back of the metal plate. The seller claims this is the first time in history that a physical license plate associated with an NFT has been put up for sale.

Earlier it became known when new generations of best-selling crossovers will arrive in Ukraine. These are the new generations of Nissan Qashqai, KIA Sportage and Mitsubishi Outlander.

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