25-year-old “virgin” – ZAZ-968M

25-year-old “virgin” – ZAZ-968M


A Ukrainian blogger posted a video with another finding. This time he found a ZAZ-968M “Zaporozhets” the last 1994 edition, which passed just 17 kilometres – a record low mileage. The car is 25 years forgotten in the garage in Lviv.

Long being locked up did not go to the “Zaporozhets” to benefit. The body, though not touched by the corrosion, but it has accumulated a layer of dust half a century, blurred the spots the factory grease, and the bottom of the car propped up by wooden beams. The salon was in a much better condition: the upholstery is only slightly dusty, the glass and the instrument panel remained intact.


ZAZ-968M went into production in late 1979, and the last copy rolled off the production line on 15 April 1994. From its predecessor, ZAZ-968A, he was distinguished by a refined rear lights rectangular shape, the same rectangular turn signals and a larger trunk. Depending on modification cars were equipped with motors 41, 45 and 50 horsepower.

This is not the first “Zaporozhets” in the collection of the Ukrainian blogger. In March of this year one of the garages, Kherson region were found ZAZ-968M with a mileage of 71 kilometer. And early December 2019 Roma Urraco tested “Zaporozhets” with a fairly modest for a nearly 30-year-old car with mileage of 121 miles.

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