27 years of separation: a hijacking with a happy ending

27 years of separation: a hijacking with a happy ending


At the age of 17 Jonathan Baginski bought a used motorcycle in 1990. However, he was not destined long to enjoy the bike: a month later, he had an accident in the school yard and was sent to the hospital with a broken wrist. Left unattended at the place of accident Kawasaki KX attracted the attention of the unknown hijacker, who took the opportunity and stole the bike.

After leaving the hospital, Baginski immediately reported it stolen motorcycle, the purchase of which had been saving for a few months, however, the search yielded no results.

Only 27 years later the police finally found loss. According to NBC Connecticut, police confiscated several dozen ATVs and motorcycles during the raids last summer.


Before you send them for recycling, police checked, not whether motorcycles wanted. To the surprise of the police it turned out that off-road Kawasaki KX stole almost three decades ago.

Now the bike is back to its already 44-year-old owner. By the way, Baginski owns a repair shop for motorcycles and plans to use all your skills to bring back to life his long disappearance.

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