2electron McFly: the bike with the “soul” of the internal combustion engine

2electron McFly: the bike with the “soul” of the internal combustion engine


The Italian company believes that elektrobayka devoid of soul and heart – that is, the internal combustion engines. And offers to fix it.

2electron company introduced the technology for electrobikes, allowing them to mimic the behavior of the petrol engine. In our opinion, this is get some crutches in addition to crutches. Judge for yourself: once upon a time the appearance of a transmission in which there is a marked loss of power was due to a fairly narrow effective operating range of the engine. The motor is almost devoid of this shortcoming, so… it must be fake!

The main message is that of electric motorcycles lack the most important – some of the soul of this iron machine. For fans of the classic values of Italian company 2electron and developed the technology of McFly, which will instill elektrobayka the nature of the present “gasoline” of the motorcycle. To demonstrate its capabilities made the concept bike Emula. It is, of course, constructed in the usual way, with a direct chain drive from the electric motor on the rear wheel. But the motorcycle is equipped with a clutch lever and foot shifter! Scattered on the car drives and speakers imitate sounds, vibrations and the nature of the impact engine. The programs need to “switch” in a timely manner, otherwise the electronics will simulate the work of the Rev limiter.

The most interesting thing is that with replacing the dashboard is a touch-screen can control the settings so that the bike resembled angry two-stroke 250-cubic “rocket”, a solid V-twin, or a large “four”. 2electron experts claim that are able to pick up a copy of the conduct of any motorcycle – both modern and historical.

Its development 2electron offers the companies making elektrobayka, they themselves make the technique do not plan to.

Here’s emulation simulation…

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