3.5 million cars recalled in U.S. due to Denso

3.5 million cars recalled in U.S. due to Denso


Denso is one of the largest suppliers of automotive spare parts on the planet. It goes without saying that the software review for one of its components will also be large.

A month ago, the company announced a recall of a low-pressure fuel pump that is used in more than 2 million vehicles. Now it is reported that the company will recall another 1.5 million cars and a total of 3.53 million vehicles will fall under the campaign.

Denso is a subsidiary of Toyota, so it is natural that Toyota is on the list. In addition to this brand, fuel pumps were used in Honda, Fords, Subaru, and Mitsubishi sold in the United States. No details about the models were reported, but the model years 2013-2020 are affected.

It is known that “the impeller of some low-pressure fuel pumps can deform under certain conditions, which can cause the fuel pump to fail.” This means that the car may stall in traffic.

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