3 crazy cars were put under the hammer for a tidy sum

3 crazy cars were put under the hammer for a tidy sum


At auctions like Sotheby’s, they sell not only rare production cars, but also real works of art. Three unique artifacts from the Burning Man festival – Rocket Car, CarCroach-A Motor City Survivor and Mayan Warrior – were recently auctioned off.

The sale was a charity, and yet everyone went to their new owner for a tidy sum. Our favorite is David Best’s Rocket Car (on the news splash screen). Based on the original 1973 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, the car is the smartest looking car in the auction.

Do not try to recognize him as a donor, since according to the rules of the Burning Man festival, which takes place annually in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, cars should be as unrecognizable as possible compared to their serial counterparts. It is stated that the “rocket” is capable of accommodating 16 people (landing like a water banana). The final price was $ 36,000.

Ryan S. Doyle’s CarCroach-A Motor City Survivor is based on the Honda Civic. It was sold for $ 24,000. The most expensive concept car was the Mayan Warrior by Alex Gray. He left for $ 40,320. The giant mask measuring 4 by 3.3 meters was made of fiberglass on steel reinforcement.

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