30-year-old Honda that you definitely want to buy

30-year-old Honda that you definitely want to buy


The coupe in perfect condition with only 17 km of mileage spent its entire life in a private collection, where its wheels did not touch the garage floor. The car is now up for auction.

This particular Honda CR-X was sold at Santomar Honda dealership in Lisbon in August 1990, from where it went straight to the garage. All the past years, the car was stored there on special supports, thanks to which the wheels did not touch the ground.

Temporary paper mats with Santomar logos are still on the coupe floor, the car is completely covered with wax that has never been washed off, shod with original rubber from the factory, and the 1.6L petrol engine is filled with original oil. Before the sale, the CR-X just changed the brake fluid and battery.

This time capsule has been auctioned by Garagisti without price.

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