300 RHD Chevrolet Corvette managed to sell over 60 hours

300 RHD Chevrolet Corvette managed to sell over 60 hours


Access sports car with the right wheel got the people of Japan, where the machines caused a real stir.

The iconic sports car Chevrolet Corvette the eighth generation for the first time in its existence, has acquired a RHD modification. Cars with this layout immediately won the love of fans of the brand. In his native Japan, according to one of the country’s largest Internet portals, Yahoo Japan, right hand drive Corvette in just 60 hours from the start of booking I managed to collect over 300 orders. And this despite the fact that the start of deliveries to buyers who book the car will have to wait another year. In the company of their launch scheduled for spring 2021-th.


It is known that the interest in the novelty was shown by drivers of different ages – from 20 to 70 years. So to highlight key audience Chevrolet Corvette right-hand drive will be difficult. Most of those who pre-ordered, live Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

Recall, for Corvette on the Japanese market please from 91 084 dollars. It is significantly more expensive than the price, which put on a sports car in the United States – 58 $ 900. From the American version of the Chevrolet Corvette for Japan features a new steering wheel. The rest of the car is similar. So, for example, for their performance meets the 502-horsepower V8 engine, combined with 8АКПП.

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