3000-horsepower hypercar from metal glass

3000-horsepower hypercar from metal glass


Hypercar Spyros Chaos will surprise not only the country of origin is Greece, but the choice of materials. The roof for the first time will be entirely made of metallic glass, a material with a disordered structure and a very high strength, and the monocoque from the synthetic fiber Zylon, which is used for slings parachutes spacecraft SpaceX Crew Dragon.

Company Spyros Panopoulos Automotive and its founder Spyros Panopoulos Chaos called the world’s first “ul’trakar” – a car that excels in all competitors. And high status should correspond to not only the engine with printed titanium and ceramic pistons, and connecting rods of carbon fiber or polymer Zylon, but the choice of materials for body panels and monocoque. The roof of “Chaos”, for example, made of metal glass SAM2X5-630, which a team from three U.S. universities have received in 2016.

Greek hypercar will be equipped with twin-turbo V10 4.0. In the basic version of the engine with titanium connecting rods and pistons will develop 2,000 horsepower, more powerful – 3,000 forces. Gearbox – eight-speed “robot” with two clutches.


This unique material has incredible mechanical properties: it can withstand heavy blows, it does not crumble and break, and returns to its original shape. The value of dynamic elasticity shows that Hugoniot, which determines the level of maximum pressure without permanent deformation, for SAM2X5-630 declared in the amount of 12 GPA. For example, from stainless steel it is 0.2, and tungsten carbide, which is used in the cores of armor – piercing bullets- 4.5 gigapascal.

Metallic glass is not the only unusual material in the construction of Spyros Chaos. Thus, the hypercar is made from monocoque fiber Zylon. NASA uses this polymer in the balloon overpressure and the Martian Rover, SpaceX makes him slings for parachutes Crew Dragon.

In addition, from the “Salona” made tethers in Formula-1, which keep wheels from the separation in the accident.

The public debut Spyros Chaos will take place in Geneva next spring.

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