30,000 Rose Petal Ferrari Surprise for Valentines Day

30,000 Rose Petal Ferrari Surprise for Valentines Day


The Ultimate Valentines Day Surprise! We ordered 1000 roses and covered a Ferrari SF90 to surprise our girl Domi for Valentines Day. Domi’s boyfriend Tomas wanted to surprise her for Valentines Day and Sergi made sure to make it happen and give her the surprise of her life. The Ferrari SF90 is an $800,000 Hypercar and one of the coolest cars in the world. The Ferrari took 3 days and about 30,000 rose petals to fully cover. Guy in the video: Domi’s Twitch: HUGE THANKS TOThe Garage + Preparation: The Flowers: Music:Thanks to @jacobleemusic for providing the song:You can follow Supercar Blondie on:#ValentinesDay #Surprise #Valentines

happy valentine’s day i ordered 1 000 roses and a ferrari sf90 for a very special reason this is dami she recently joined us and has been an amazing addition to the team and her boyfriend thomas wanted to give her the surprise of her life i’m not getting in a car with you two together we’re gonna cover this half million dollar car in roses that is crazy each rose contains 20 to 40 petals that means we have about 30 000 rose petals to cover this thing this is gonna be the best valentine’s day surprise ever long story short thomas wanted to take dami on a surprise trip to thailand and wanted to communicate it in a special way now obviously i couldn’t do this myself so i needed some big-time help i’m kind of nervous this is crazy this is gonna be unlike anything i’ve ever done so uh i’m nervous but i’m excited we’re on a car elevator man if i open the door and get out i gotta go straight down now look at this place we got syed again he’s gonna make everything happen to put all the pedals on top of this thing i don’t know how you’re gonna do it but yeah i’m gonna try to pop it away don’t worry okay okay stay tuned we had three days to make this happen and we had to glue 40 000 pedals there are a ton more flowers downstairs but huge thanks to 800 flowers for hooking it up first petal of the day and it goes all right i left the car overnight and everything seemed to be going according to plan until i got a call with some really bad news hey bro what’s up hey bro unfortunately we got a problem we actually run some tests the glue that we were going to use would damage the car and it’s an 800 car man but you guys you guys do paint protection films right yes we do but it takes at least five full working days to do that oh wow uh yeah we got like one and a half days let me think of something why don’t you come tomorrow morning and see how it goes oh my god i went back the next day and thankfully they had found a solution they wrapped the car in a kind of plastic film that could handle the blue and once fully covered in roses you’d never know it was even there day two you guys have already gotten a start we’re placing them like this yeah just one by one literally just spray it on top yeah how long is going to take like 10 hours yeah we’re staying here all night you guys uh you guys watch supercar blinding yes yes the best channel on youtube yes of course 30 000 pedals one by one they know what they’re doing so i left it overnight and came back on the day of the big surprise day 3 how are you that is great man you guys did an amazing job on it i’ve never seen anything like this on the other side of the city dami thought she was preparing for a car review and we gave her the wrong location only a few hundred feet away from where we actually wanted to surprise her the only way to transport the car was on a fully covered delivery truck to not ruin the pedals everyone that sees it gets their phone out thomas was at the location waiting for us so we arrived to the location he hasn’t seen anything at all by the way take a look no way it’s incredible yeah i know it’s insane have you ever seen anything like never yeah guys i mean it’s super special and i i think the dome will be super happy just to see yes yes that’s what we’re trying to do okay so let’s offload it and you guys are going to thailand tomorrow right yeah going to thailand yeah actually it’s going to be a surprise for a long time she’s going to absolutely love this so we’re going to go to the wrong location and pick her up and uh hey what’s up not much i brought a friend you don’t have friends you know me long time no see right yeah just come i have a little present for you what are you doing here get in the car get in the car no what’s going on what is this about yeah yeah cover your eyes i don’t trust anyone there you go yes why yeah this is good it’s okay can you breathe okay good how many fingers am i holding up five why are you always doing this to me i don’t want to go anywhere this is part of the job you know surprise content oh my god my hands are shaking what are you doing don’t worry let me see your hands oh no my legs are shaking too she’s always a drama queen you know you guys tricked me so badly this is so unfair i i’m crying already and i don’t even know what’s happening two puppies we have don’t worry okay stay here one second or it’s a very bad prank and none of you will survive today okay or it’s a puppy yeah as i told you it’s a little surprise okay for a valentine’s day what do you think no so you guys are gonna be able to uh whip this thing around for the weekend you guys are gonna go somewhere special and it looks like uh tomorrow uh you guys are going to thailand too yeah so it’s another surprise we’re just going to go to thailand tomorrow and so it’s basically part of the valentine’s surprise this is one part and the other part is gonna happen tomorrow we’re taking this to thailand with us it’s a hyper car it’s a ferrari sf90 this thing is absolutely crazy uh have you ever driven a ferrari before no yeah well you’re gonna drive a hyper car ferrari so uh you’re gonna get this for the weekend you’re gonna go to thailand as well tomorrow we’re gonna get inside the car oh my god you literally glue all this on the top yeah absolutely this is like every girl’s dream night yeah they get in the car get in the car i can’t believe um are you happy oh my god okay so you so this is a different one you have to actually swipe oh my god we pulled off something we thought was impossible and after all the time spent on the drama i think it was worth it i mean this is just something you never see huge thanks to cardip and 800 flower for making this possible if you want to see more of dami you can find her on twitch damisoft and you’ll see her around here as well so don’t forget to subscribe happy valentine’s day

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