$329,000 to repair the Aston Martin suspension!?

$329,000 to repair the Aston Martin suspension!?


In Canada, the owner of an Aston Martin DB9 got into an unpleasant situation, which she herself aggravated. The woman did not agree with the invoice for the repair of her supercar and filed a lawsuit against the dealership in court, but even there she was disappointed. As a result, she will have to pay the car dealership almost four times more than the amount originally named.

In addition to the high cost of Aston Martin cars in both the new and secondary markets, the British brand is one of the most expensive in terms of maintenance.

However, the owner of a DB9 sports car from Canada was not ready for big spending. After a woman ran over a large rock at high speed, her coupe needed serious suspension repairs. A canadian resident contacted an official dealership, whose employees restored the sports car and issued an invoice for services in the amount of $ 85,000.

The woman did not agree with the cost of repairs, considering that the employees of the manufacturing company deliberately inflated the price. She filed for the dealership to court. However, justice turned out to be on the side of representatives of Aston Martin.

The court ordered the owner of the sports car to pay not only for repairs, but also for legal costs. As a result, the repair of the DB9 sports car cost the owner $ 329,000.

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