330 km/h on the new Corvette

330 km/h on the new Corvette


Atelier Hennessey Performance broke up the new Chevrolet Corvette to 330 kilometers per hour, thus raising the bar of maximum speed for a mid-engined supercar. However, for the record took a slight modernization of the machine, as on the passport model is the eighth generation is able to only reach 306 kilometers per hour.

Program modifications C8 Chevrolet Corvette from Hennessey Performance is a kit-complete with two turbochargers, new wheels, tires, upgraded suspension, reinforced brakes and external panels are made of CFRP. This will all soon be able to order the customers of the Studio. Meantime, the company is focused on validating the reliability of the components and also their effectiveness.

Record the Corvette, for example, equipped with just a signature edition stainless steel (+20 HP), which is 5.4 kilograms lighter than the factory and a nitrous oxide system, raising the power of the V8 6.2 LT2 up to 650 horsepower.


Despite the minimal level of interference, the chief engineer of the project Venom F5, John Heinricy managed to disperse mid-engined supercar up to 330 kilometers per hour.

The record established at the test site of the company Continental in Texas. The company assured that C8 is not the limit: package HPE1200 Twin Turbo out of the engine will bring up to 1,200 forces, and maximum speed while approaching 400 kilometers per hour.

Earlier it became known about which versions will have the Corvette C8 in the near future. Among them – track the Corvette Z06 with a V8 engine 5.5 LT6 and impact in the area of 659 forces and 814 Nm of torque, and hybrid Zora, features a 5.5-liter “eight” with two turbochargers plus one or more electric motors.

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