34-year-old off-road the Porsche 911 put up for sale at the price of new

34-year-old off-road the Porsche 911 put up for sale at the price of new


Unique sports car Porsche 911 1985 issue buy in Germany with mileage 911 km (symbolic). The model is equipped with aggressive off-road package Safari and is 135 000 Euro.

Experts found in Germany a unique offer. Almost new sport coupe Porsche 911 at the age of 34 years is offered at a cost of the current version of the Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet in the body of the 992. The car has great collector’s value due to low mileage (911 km) and thanks to a special rally factory package Safari.

Due to alteration, the sports coupe has a high off-road qualities: great ground clearance, big wheels with the “evil” rubber, reinforced bumpers, electric hoist and the trunk with the spare tire on the roof. In addition, the model received additional optics, steel engine protection, roll cage and lightweight body. Unfortunately, in Lota there is no reference to a workshop which conducted the revision.


Under the hood, installed a six-cylinder gasoline boxer engine of 3.2 liters, capable to develop up to 230 horsepower. Paired with him running a manual transmission on the six steps, and drive only the rear.

At the moment, off-road the Porsche 911 is offered for 135 000 euros. Are there people interested in such a purchase is not reported.

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