4 wheels good and 6 better: Ram 1500 TRX by Hennessey

4 wheels good and 6 better: Ram 1500 TRX by Hennessey


The Ram 1500 TRX debuted last year, and various tuning studios immediately wanted to modify it. First, Hennessey announced its own version, and now Apocalypse Manufacturing has taken over the pickup. The project was named Warlord.

The recipe for creating the “voivode” is quite traditional: the original 1500 TRX frame was extended using a steel profile and then a third drive axle was installed. However, the design of the track is such that it is relatively easy to place another axle.

Also, in the process of a large-scale upgrade, the craftsmen increased the ground clearance, redesigned the cargo platform, shod the rims with mud tires with an outer diameter of 37 inches, and also installed elongated side mirror mounts and a frame in the body on which the spare wheel is attached.

The power unit of the Apocalypse Warlord was not touched, although for the same Jeep Wrangler the studio offers a forced diesel engine, and as an alternative there is even a Corvette engine and a Hemi compressor V8. The standard 6.2-liter Ram 1500 TRX engine produces 712 hp. Remained standard and the salon, however, at the request of the customer, they can do anything with it.

For a three-axle Apocalypse Manufacturing pickup truck, they ask for a lot of money – at least $ 250,000. By comparison, a six-wheel Wrangler is priced at $ 150,000.

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