40-year-old concept Aston Martin acceleration of up to 322 kilometers per hour

40-year-old concept Aston Martin acceleration of up to 322 kilometers per hour


Restoration workshop Classic Motor Cars from the British Bridgnorth will restore the existing in a single copy Aston Martin Bulldog. It was assumed that the experimental prototype will be able to accelerate to 322 kilometers per hour, but to reach that speed, he still failed. After 40 years, the current owner of “the Bulldog” is planning to try his luck again.

Aston Martin Bulldog was built in 1979 with a single purpose – to demonstrate the technical competence center in Newport Pagnell in the construction of record-breaking cars. It was assumed that the compartment with a wedge-shaped body will be the fastest production car of its time – the Aston assured that “Bulldog” will accelerate over 322 kilometers per hour. Scheduled from 15-25 specimens collected, only one, and then the project was recognised as too expensive and turned.

Twin-turbo “eight” coupe 5.3 gave out 608 horsepower and 678 Nm of torque. During testing, the Bulldog showed the impact 710 forces.

Moreover, the stated maximum speed of the Bulldog was not reached: in 1979, at the site of the MIRA car scored only 307 kilometres per hour.

The current owner intends to bring the supercar started in the last century the case to the end and accelerating the car to more than 322 kilometers per hour. However, this will happen only after the restoration: “Bulldog” will return to its original state by replacing some old components on a new one to increase reliability.


The recovery process will take about one and a half years. The car will work a team of specialists Classic Motor Cars of eight people. The biggest problem in CMC referred to the lack of the necessary parts – if they fail to find it, the Studio will have to make the missing parts yourself.

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