400Z: sports car from Nissan for $ 40,000

400Z: sports car from Nissan for $ 40,000


According to the source, the information which appeared on page Allcarnews, new Nissan 400Z will be equipped with a 400-horsepower 3.0-liter V6 with dual turbo. The same engine is now being installed on the most powerful modification sedan Infiniti Q50 (US modification called Red Sport – InfoCar). It is assumed that the starting price will be set at around 40 thousand dollars.

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Nissan 400z: $40k 400HP and? ?? ______________________________________ [5/18/20] #acnNissan You guys have been demanding this news so here you go!! Now i am working on a render behind the scenes as i am one person doing a thousand things, but for now Im sharing this render i found by Leyang Bai that is as accurate as it gets to the new 400z…well at least the front part! (The rear will look more like the orange Nissan Concept) So what’s all the news hype? Well after talking with my source this new 400z is going to give the Supra a run for its money starting at UNDER $40k! It will use a heavily updated Nissan-FR platform underpinning the current 370z but will of course have all new everything in terms of stiffness, suspension and components. Expect features like a limited slip rear diff, adjustable suspension, steering and more. ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ????????? ? @Allcarnews Spec Sheet: So what is this new powertrain? Well it is a variant of the VR30DDTT 3.0 L TT V6 in the Infiniti Q60 and Q50 RedSport, making just around 400HP paired to a NISMO tuned gearbox or optional 6 manual too! Of course power is sent to the rear wheels only. ? ???????????? ???????????? ??????????? The most exciting thing is the super retro design which I was told will be a modern day interpretation of the 240Z! And when i mean unique, I mean throw that Nissan’s V-Motion design into the garbage as none of that is present. Instead we will see double halo LED lights upfront! Like on the classic Datsun 240z there will be a rectangle front grille with a visible intercooler for the twin turbos! The rear will retain the fastback/hatch design but will be shorter and have a similar shape of the 370z though sleeker lights and LED! Of course The interior is all new, ditching the ANCIENT 370z’s! This means we get a digital dash, new infotainment systems and a sporty retro design. ________________________________________ ACN EXTRA: See that green color..it should be debuting in that! ________________________________________ Text by @allcarnews / Source: the Insider (would like to remain anonymous) Image by: Nissan / Render by Leyang Bai #Nissan #V6 An #allcarnews Post #Japanese #JDM #370z #400z

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Based 400Z, according to the source, must be updated platform now sold 370Z. This makes sense if you take into account the current Nissan strategy aimed at reducing costs. Buyers can choose either version with automatic transmission (NISMO tuned), or “mechanics” of six steps. Like all past models with the label “Z”, this car will be equipped with rear-wheel drive.

There were also some interesting details relating to the alleged appearance 400Z. It should be a modern take on Nissan 240Z. In the design of the model, there was no place for the characteristic to all modern cars, the V-shaped false radiator grille. Instead it should be a rectangular grid through which to see the intercooler. Head optics is accented by round DRL diode. Line the stern of the car is made to ultimately the newest style of its predecessor.


Interior 400Z should be equipped with a digital instrument panel and multimedia system. But at the same time in the interior styling will be retro-style. If you look at the image salon 240Z, it can be assumed that many of the interior elements will be circular (if the designers want to get closer to the original).

Interior Nissan 240Z

Further proof that the Nissan 400Z get inspired by the retro style appearance is the registration of a company trademark for a new logo Z, which is similar to the original.

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