43,000 Porsche Taycan fails

43,000 Porsche Taycan fails


A software issue could accidentally shut off the electric motor 0.3% of the time.

Porsche has recalled 43,000 Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo models worldwide following the identification of a software error that could have accidentally disabled an electric powertrain. The recall applies to models manufactured before June 2021 and was issued to fix a software malfunction in the power inverter, which is essentially responsible for the communication between the ECM and the motor itself.

In a series of internal tests, Porsche has found that engines can shut off while driving, although the brakes and steering remain in operation. When switched off, the Taycan displays a message on the dashboard instructing the driver to drive the vehicle to a safe location. A Porsche spokesman calculated that if a problem occurs on the freeway, the driver will have about 90 seconds to get to the curb. After restarting, the vehicle can usually resume driving.

Porsche has stated that there is no specific set of circumstances or conditions that can cause a problem, and that it can occur at any speed. The company recorded an occurrence rate of 0.3% in its own tests, and there have been no reported customer injuries or damage to their vehicles as a result of a malfunction.

Owners are encouraged to visit a Porsche Dealership for a software update – an over-the-air update is not possible as the inverter must be subsequently calibrated – with an estimated repair time of one hour. Porsche has said it will strengthen some of its pre-production testing processes as a result of this issue.

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