4Runner vs Ford Bronco


A video appeared on the official YouTube channel of the American division of Toyota, in which they compared the new generation of Toyota 4Runner and Ford Bronco SUVs. This video is intended to highlight the advantages of the Japanese model compared to its competitor, but the authors of the video could not ignore the advantages of the Ford Bronco.

Toyota’s video mainly focuses on the richness of the basic versions of the 4Runner SUV, as well as the abundance of all kinds of options. Thus, Toyota 4Runner has 9 basic configurations, 3 “special series” and 3 extreme TRD variants, while the Ford Bronco SUV has only 7 variants.

In addition, the Toyota brand has seen the 4Runner’s interior space as a competitive advantage. This car is available in a single body that allows the installation of a third row of seats, while the Forda Bronco does not have this option. Also, according to the estimates of the Toyota brand, the 4Runner SUV has a larger trunk. At the same time, it was mentioned in the video that the Ford Bronco is produced in a three-door version: this, in turn, can be considered one of its advantages.

It is also stated that the Toyota 4Runner has a higher ground clearance. Finally, the Japanese brand commended its SUV’s traction capabilities, reporting that the 4Runner is capable of towing 5,000 pounds (about 2,270 kg) by default, while the Ford Bronco requires additional options to pull off a 1,600 kg trailer. However, by doing so, Toyota unwittingly emphasized the relevance of the Ford Bronco power line.

The Toyota 4Runner is powered by a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated V6 engine with 270 hp, while Ford Bronco buyers will be able to choose between two modern turbochargers: a 300 hp four-cylinder. and 330-horsepower V6 engine, which work with a 10-speed “automatic”. At the same time, according to Toyota, the need to overpay for “premium” fuel with a higher octane number negates the performance advantages.

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