5 packages of “protein” for Audi RS6

5 packages of “protein” for Audi RS6


Tuning company Wheelsandmore has offered 5 packs increase power to the versatile Audi RS6 fourth generation. Maximum performance 4.0 litre turbo engine reaches 1010 HP and 1250 Nm, in other words, the RS6 V8 is superior to the power of the Bugatti Veyron with the W16 8.0 litres.

The tuners offer a boost in performance of the RS6 motor in 5 stages. When you purchase a set of Stage I cost 2100 EUR experts only pereprodavat electronic control unit powertrain. Output in this case increases to 710 BHP (up to 920 Nm).

The Stage II kit provides in addition to chip-tuning installation of the sports exhaust system Capristo. This kit is 7688 euros. Power is increased to 725 HP (up to 930 Nm), in particular, there is improved sound.


When you select a Stage III in addition to the above upgrades the tuners replaced intake manifolds, air ducts, and installation of the air filter with zero resistance. Performance grows up to 786 HP (up to 1060 Nm). For this work the specialists of the shop asking 12 521 euros.

Stage IV implies the emergence of more powerful turbochargers and strengthening of the transmission. Power is increased to 965 HP (1250 Nm), however, the cost of the kit is 33 529 euros – more than 25% of the initial price for the Audi RS6 on the German market in 117 500 euros.

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Finally, at the order Stage V tuners set bezkatalizatornye dunain, “dummy” for environmentalists and replaced with diesel particulate filters. As the price reaches 41 932 Euro, therefore the package was approved by the German technical supervision T?V. Performance increases up to 1010 HP (1250 Nm).

Modifications, Wheelsandmore extrema hardly do, for this reason, at the moment improving universal limited only by the disks 22 inch various designs and shades.

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