5 rock guarantees on Mitsubishi cars. Be in the middle of your car.


There are a dozen wikiwands today. Prosperity, family troubles, meaningful living conditions, growing and increasing prices. Perebuvaєmo in bezperervnom Rusі, if you need to quickly wake up in an hour. The first important criterion is a good vehicle that will always be on the move. Be the first to drive your Mitsubishi car with the official 5-price guarantor from the virobnik *. Plan your life, and do not show it to the service station.

Official guarantee 5 years or 100 thousand kilometers to run * on Mitsubishi cars for the entire model range. On the first two rocks, the interconnection will not get stuck. The guarantee will be available on new cars, in the office of Mitsubishi Motors dealerships in Ukraine.

Reconciliation of the official 5th guarantee from the virobnik:

  • Car parts, as there may be some loose ends, will be repaired or replaced in the warranty period without a shipment by an official Mitsubishi Motors dealer in Ukraine,
  • Great deal of dealer centers and the presence of public warehouses of spare parts allows the viconati to repair at a minimum cost of an hour,
  • Repairs for a guarantee will be made available only for the original spare parts,
  • Victory for repairs will be approved by an act of viconious robots.

* Signifies a guarantee for new vehicles of TM “Mitsubishi” (for example “Outlander PHEV”), attached to the Territory until 31.12.2021 p. incl., in a line for 5 rocky or 100,000 km to run, fallow, but not before, with the ear of the guarantee, stated in the Memorandum about the restoration. On the first 24 months, I will not get stuck. Details on mitsubishi-motors.com.ua.

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