50.000 Jawa

50.000 Jawa


The revival of the classic Czech motorcycle brand Java in India led to success, which was expressed in high sales. In November 2020, the manufacturer announced that it had sold 50,000 motorcycles during the past year.

From the very first days of operation in the Indian market, sales outstripped production. The company has had supply problems, but it seems they have managed to meet the needs of all customers. And then came the era of coronavirus, and Java, like everyone else, had to adapt to the situation. With the latter problem, as with others, the brand copes. The company’s management is satisfied with the company’s development over the past two years.

“As the newest entrant to the Indian market, we are proud of the success achieved in a short period of time. As a relatively young start-up, Classic Legends was ready to scale production to ensure the release of three models as part of the restoration of the Java brand. At the same time, they organized a non-parallel and widespread sales network. We have continuously increased our production capacity to satisfy all our customers,” said Ashish Singh, CEO of Classic Legends.

Java expects to achieve the next 50,000 sales with much less effort, as many processes are already set up.

From now on, it will be interesting to observe the further development of the iconic Czech motorcycle brand.

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