50 years under the earth: mystery of zagorodnego Ford

50 years under the earth: mystery of zagorodnego Ford


Two weeks of Breixo wondered who and why was the car buried half a century ago, and even suggested that it could belong to a secret agent. However, the truth was much more trivial.

The story about the discovery of a mysterious Ford Popular noticed a 91-year-old widow of a world war II veteran Harold Liles. She revealed the secret of the buried car. According to the woman, had lain in the earth more than 50 years, the car once belonged to her husband.


In the middle of the last century, when the family of Lailson lived in the same house that Harold purchased a Ford Popular, one of the cheapest models on the market at the time. The machine was not distinguished by reliability, and because in a few years broke down and was beyond repair. To avoid paying for disposal, Liles “hid” her in the backyard, and after all decided to “bury”. The veteran assumed that sooner or later someone will dig up his Ford Popular, and therefore provided him with multiple artifacts – a bottle of milk and a jar with paraffin.

Liles died in 1987, his widow moved, and at the end of 2019 in the house lived John Brayshaw. This spring he began to lead the rear yard and came across a “grave” Ford Popular. He intended to cause the machinery to dig out the car and maybe sell some craftsman for restoration.

Source: The Times

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