$500,000 Monster Pickup Truck With 6 doors

$500,000 Monster Pickup Truck With 6 doors


This pimped out pickup truck from International has 6 doors, 65 inch tyres and costs half a million dollars 😱🤯Thanks to:@z7_supercars from Q [email protected] from @Car Wars @x3tetyana – Tetyana

i can hear something like a bus that’s getting really close huh that is real you’re crazy what that was what the hell is are you crazy i’ve been trying to get my hands on this car for like a year this is like my favorite car like ever wait where where’s alex though uh i don’t know well i’m here aren’t you the intern though how come you get to drive these crazy cars i’ve been wanting this for like a year well you’re not blonde search i don’t know if you know that oh my god okay okay look at it all right can i hop on top of it wow this is crazy like my car looks like a like a little ant 70 gallons of diesel take so there’s one here and there’s one on the other side too it’s crazy serge have you ever seen six doors on a truck before six doors i’m not sure i’ve seen six wheels but now watch what happens though look ready oh i think it’s this one cool right that’s crazy sounds like me can’t get up there it’s like one two three four steps to get in that i’ve never actually seen to be honest this is like the exhaust pipe yeah so it’s six inches wide they’re huge and this isn’t for sure this is like actually functional this is what you need wow look at these commercial grade tires almost as big as i am these are the 65-inch ones right wow i’ve never seen 65-inch tires there’s a roll bar there double roll that’s crazy and and and the craziest thing is that this doesn’t even fit like the frame doesn’t even fit with the wheel because the wheel is just so much extra what are these wheels for well you see how cool is this yeah what is that the bed can go up or down it’s pretty cool what the entire thing could detach how else would i load something in here or get in it’s taller than you it’s literally above your shoulder i know so this is like the completely pimped out one because super truck upgrades this and q motors are selling it in dubai for half a million dollars right now these mudflaps are just absolutely they’re massive let me show you something real cool okay stay here all right i think i kinda know what’s gonna happen but i want to see it to believe it watch what happens to the seat yeah it turns into a freaking bed so you can like live back here this is like a home yeah there’s a ford f-650 home how cool is this let me see does it fit that’s pretty comfy i wouldn’t you know that’s that’s good and this is actually pretty uh pretty soft it is i’d sleep in here so you could fit up to eight people in this thing yeah how many can you fit in your x6 not that many you can even fit some people standing in here i mean there’s so much common space in here it’s like a little living room that’s really roomy we can just move back too let’s just literally walk can we just walk forward look at this there’s not one but two of these 17-inch screens here you can watch movies not bad yeah very cool this is wow the front looks so crazy there’s so much going on can we let’s go parking brake yeah it’s an air brake so you just pull it or release it you know um this is automatic though if you look here so how do you put it into park so you just put in neutral and then you pull this air brake right here yeah okay now i understand and look here look at this thing what do you think this is i mean it’s a seat it’s definitely a seat yeah and uh a really big storage so what and maybe a big wireless charging for like your your macbook or something ready it’s a fridge i mean they don’t use it that’s like one of these like industrial freezers that you put like frozen meats into yeah you can fit so much in there i’m just surprised that like anyone can drive this well no no you need a trucking license this thing’s like seven tons oh so it’s like a truck it’s considered a truck because of the weight i imagine okay okay that’s cool i mean yeah so turn it on all right let’s do it that sounds like yeah that’s crazy i’m in an attractive trailer you see the wheel it literally says air horn so that’s that’s that’s what i scared you is the outlet that is so loud wow yeah all right should we like take it for a little drive yeah let’s do it ready let’s do it hi i feel like i’m literally driving a tractor trailer i’m so high up i could see like everything around me this is crazy so this is a 10 liter v8 diesel engine and it has um 370 horsepower which is kind of low right i mean yeah for something that weighs this much yeah look at the size of these mirrors look how little nick looks pretty smooth yeah how are you doing down there so i oh my god well i mean i think that’s it right yeah i mean hey listen this was one of my favorite tricks that we filmed this year and alex next time hey if you want to take back your channel you got to come to the early shoots you know the the early bird catches the the worm if you’re watching this video make sure you subscribe and if you’re already subscribed make sure you hit that notification bell so you don’t miss out on any videos like this like alex has and hit the like button comment yeah smash destroy drop kick the like button and we’ll see you guys next time see ya you

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