$6 billion per day – easy!

$6 billion per day – easy!


On Friday shares of Tesla rose another 10.8 percent, setting a new record of 1544 dollars per paper. The head of the company Elon musk owns 20.8% stake in Tesla, and the cost of this package per day increased by 6 billion.

The total value of shares of Tesla, which belong to the Mask, is nearly $ 60 billion. With regard to the stake in SpaceX, a capital Mask Bloomberg estimated at 70.2 billion.

According to this index Mask is now ranked seventh in the list of the richest people in the world. In particular, on Friday, he beat the legendary investor Warren Buffett and Google co-founder, an immigrant from Soviet Union Sergey Brin. The richest man in the world is the head of the concern Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, which Musk himself recently been accused of plagiarism.


You must understand that cheer Musk to sell their shares on the stock exchange and take advantage money, cost of securities of Tesla is likely to go down, so its $ 70 billion cash businessman is unlikely to get. But, by agreement with other shareholders, bonus payments Mask from Tesla depend including stock quotes. And due to their growth Mask already earned about 595 million dollars, which he could use.

Income Musk is now ranked first among all CEOs in the United States.

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