6 meters pathos: Cadillac introduced the long-wheelbase Escalade

6 meters pathos: Cadillac introduced the long-wheelbase Escalade


From simple auto SUV features only increased to 384 mm in length (almost 6 m) and 105 mm wheelbase.

Novelty has a length of 5766 mm, width 2059 mm height 1942 mm, and the distance between the axes is mm. 3407 is almost 40 cm longer than a normal variation and is 7 cm longer than the last machine. The technical part has remained the same, therefore, the car is equipped with a GMT T1XX architecture from the Chevrolet pickup Silverado rear memorycache, air suspension, Air Ride, 10-speed automatic transmission and two motors.


In addition to the gasoline V8 engine of 6.2 liter capacity 426 HP (623 Nm), Escalade first got the 281-strong diesel volume of 3.0 liters. But one of the main features of the car is the interior: it is the first in the industry curved screen LG P-OLED, includes 3 display trip computer and infotainment complex is 38 inches.

Escalade and Escalade ESV on the American market will appear before the end of this year. The cost has already been published.

For short wheelbase rear-wheel drive model in the first variation will have to pay 77 $ 490. The cost of the long-wheelbase Escalade ESV will be 80 $ 490. And for the all-wheel drive system will have to pay 3 thousand dollars.

Also suggest you to see a detailed test drive of the Cadillac Escalade from the team InfoCar.ua:

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