6 new electric Volvo: the first will be unveiled today


Volvo today confirmed and refined its plan for a full transition to the production of electric vehicles by 2030. She also promised to present her second (after the XC40 Recharge crossover) all-electric model of the “40-series” today.

So, according to the plan, by 2025, half of all Volvo cars sold in the world will be electric vehicles, and the second half will be equipped with hybrid power plants. By 2030, only fully electric cars will remain.

The picture that illustrated the press release shows seven all-electric cars that Volvo will have by mid-decade. One of them is assumed to be the XC40, and six more are not yet represented.

The company also announced that all new electric vehicles will be sold exclusively online. At the same time, dealerships will not completely disappear. They will deal with pre-sale preparation, handing over of cars sold online to customers, maintenance and additional services.

The news of Volvo’s switch to electric vehicles is not a surprise. In December, the CEO of the brand, Håkan Samuelsson, talked about such plans. Moreover, a few years ago the company admitted that it had completely stopped all work on a new generation of internal combustion engines. In other words, the current Volvo Drive E series gasoline and diesel engines, which appeared not so long ago and are very modern, will last until 2030 and will not receive replacement.

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