646 km without recharging: Tesla – the gap increased.

646 km without recharging: Tesla – the gap increased.


Us Agency for environmental protection EPA provided updated data on mileage flagship sedan Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, by increasing this rate by 20% compared with last year Tesla Model S 100D with the same battery.

According to new data, the power reserve of the electric car is 402 miles or 646 kilometers. Thus Tesla Model S became the first electric car with an official range of EPA above 400 miles.

Previously Elon Musk complained that EPA improperly tested its electric car, according to CNN. For example, he noted that the experts of the Agency for the night left the car with their doors unlocked and with the key, which automatically put it in standby and was worth 2% of battery energy. New data were obtained as a result of repeated testing.


Tesla Model S appeared in 2013. All these years the company continued to upgrade the machine. The extended range was achieved through the use of more capacious batteries, motor performance and system recovery of braking energy, weight loss (to do this, Tesla even began to do the seats), while also improving the aerodynamic properties of wheels and the use of tires with reduced rolling resistance.

Now the world’s three most common methods of measuring the reserve: the U.S. EPA, the new European and the old European WLTP NEDC, which has been preserved in China. It should be noted that the methodology EPA is the most restrictive.

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