778 km without a single CO2 emissions: a new world record


Australian-based rally driver Brendan Reeves has broken the world record for the range on a single hydrogen fill for fuel cell electric vehicles. Driving a Hyundai Nexo, he drove 887.5 kilometers from Melbourne to the outskirts of the provincial city of Silverton, where the second Mad Max movie was filmed in the 1980s.

The previous record was also set on the Nexo, but in France, where a local resident Bertrand Piccard was able to cover 778 kilometers.

It took Reeves 13 hours and six minutes to cover this distance. He spent 6.27 kilograms of hydrogen, that is, on average, he spent only 706 grams per 100 kilometers.

According to Reeves himself, he trained a lot before going on the trip. Rallying skills helped him achieve the greatest fuel efficiency, in particular the habit of looking as far as possible along the course, as well as his father’s advice on driving economically.

Fuel cell vehicles are powered by electric motors that are powered by electricity generated in the onboard fuel cells from hydrogen and oxygen. Unlike battery electric vehicles, they do not need to be charged for a long time, but rather quickly refueled.

True, the hydrogen refueling infrastructure is extremely undeveloped. So, in Australia there is only one such gas station, and then not in Melbourne, but in the capital of the country, Canberra. Therefore, Hyundai Nexo is not officially sold in the country, and only 20 cars have been handed over to government officials.

However, the manufacturer’s Australian website says that if you have an interest in Nexo, you can fill out the form and send your proposal to Hyundai. Apparently, this is how Reeves got the car at his disposal.

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